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We focus on the 6+1 traits of writing. Please encourage your child to write whenever possible.
  1. the natinoal cheese stick by vivek
  2. (tennis) federer does it agian by jonah ang nikolas
  3. 5O dogs surfing
  4. 78 foot wave by Nikolas and Mandell
  5. A birds eye view of the earth By Jonah and Raven
  6. A girl and a boy
  7. A Great Day
  8. a little boy in his grand mathers attic
  9. Aarani The Magic Bead
  10. adham & asha info
  11. adham and kenny japan
  12. adham and nikolas info
  13. adham if i was the pricabal
  14. Adham Zakary & calvin fishermen in pakistan reel in colossal whale shark
  15. Alex & Heather If Dogs Can Have a Hotel, Why not Cats?
  16. Alex & Vivek Biggest tree house
  17. Alex Do animals bully eachother too?
  18. Alex Ghost lake
  19. Alex Water and Juice
  20. Andventures in the artic Raven Gaelle
  21. animals bullying eachother olivia
  22. Asha The Sark Wisper
  23. attack of the bagels
  24. Attack of the stinky cabbage (that farts all the time)
  25. bagel whole Alex
  26. Beyonce
  27. Birthstones By Aarani
  29. calvin volcano boarding anyone
  30. Calvin,Zakary and Adham
  31. Calvin,Zakary,Samuel making art while riding your bike or scooter
  32. Candy shop
  33. cheyenne and olivia dolphin
  34. Cheyenne Kenny Colorful Crabs
  35. costco
  36. Crystal Caves by Aarani & Lia
  37. death land By Jonah
  38. Do Animals bully too
  39. Dollphin cheyenne
  40. Dominos
  41. ducklings mackenzie mandell
  42. Emaly gos to the librarey
  43. Emaly gos to the library
  44. Fishy Chatter Olivia and Lexi
  45. Florida Fun
  46. frogs nada aarani
  47. FUNNY
  48. ghost lake Sam
  49. Giant Paper plane sours in Arizona skies Alex Asha
  50. GRAVY by Olivia Jade Moler
  51. GREENWALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. hail mackenzie heather
  53. happy hollowenn
  54. Heather The cats house is paws-itively fabulous
  55. Human Dominoes By Sam
  56. hunger games by gaelle
  57. If I found a box in my grandma's attic by Jonah Liss
  58. Ipod Zakary
  59. john a space shuttle discovery hitches a ride to washington d.c.
  60. john and jonah who will win of the canadates
  61. john and nada international inventors fair attacers is some wild and wacky creations
  62. john and nikoles giant paper airplane flys over a desrst
  63. john if I was the principle
  64. jonah zakary the amazing brain
  65. Jonah's story
  66. Kenny and Alex, The Adventure of The jalepeno peppers
  67. Kenny stinky the germ vs the wipe
  68. Kenny tyson
  69. Leap Day
  70. Lia & Mrs.Hartley Conservationists Save World's Most Endangered Duck
  71. Lia an ocean mystery
  72. Lia the drumer
  73. mackenzie the missing keys
  74. Magians by Jonah
  75. micro chip surgeon by vivek
  76. money matters jonah and mrs hartley
  77. Monstrum's Monstrously Fun Playgrounds Raven and Olivia
  78. my grandmothers attic by adham
  79. My Store
  80. My store by Zakary Meradi
  81. My Store John
  82. My tennis store by Jonah Liss
  83. nada and asha a hot dicovery
  84. Nada and Lexi colorful crabs species discovered in the philippines
  85. nada hello kitty gets wings
  86. nada the store
  87. nikolas captin under nikolas pants
  88. nikolas whatch out dinosaurs are back
  89. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. Obomas easter egg hunt
  91. opossum gose snowbording nada, gaelle
  92. pet store Heather
  93. pillow fight mackenzie Olivia
  94. pythons attack the everglades by mandell and vivek
  95. raven heather will the dolphin speaker
  96. Rick Santorum ends presidental campaign by vivek and mandell
  97. Roller Scates!!!
  98. Sam & Aarani Trouble the 12-million dollar dog
  99. school vs school
  100. Sebastian & Mandell Video Of The Week - Garrett McNamara's Record Breaking Wave Ride
  101. Sebastian and Cheyenne Get Your Solar Filters Ready - A Spectacular 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse May Be Heading Your Way This Sunday!
  102. Sebastian and John Giant Paper Airplane Soars Over Arizona Skies
  103. Sebastian and Mandell Opossum Goes Snowboarding!
  104. Sebastian and Sam Enterprising Nine-Year Old Builds Gaming Arcade From Cardboard Boxes
  105. Sebastian Crazy driver (story)
  106. Sebastian Store (Story)
  107. Sebastian Tag! (story)
  108. Sebastian Video Of The Week - A Bird's Eye View Of Earth From Space
  109. Sebastian Video Of The Week - Man And Machine Fly Side By Side
  110. Sebastian, Zakary and Vivek-Amazing Brain
  111. sharks by gaelle
  112. siver and gold
  113. solar eclipse Vivek Lexi
  114. soul surfer
  115. South Africas sharks Olivia and Nikolas
  116. space ship mackenzie
  117. spectacular light show crumbles sydney's opera house
  119. Surfing dogs by Heather & Olivia
  120. Sweet Taert's And Lickerish
  121. Tennis by Jonah Liss
  122. TENNIS!!!!!!!
  123. tennis's new star by jonah
  124. tennis's new star by Raven and Jonah
  125. the stone of water
  126. the stone of fire by gaelle
  127. the stone of ice
  128. the stone of lava
  129. the awesome janitor by vivek
  130. the costs of mising sleep Adham and Alex
  131. The daak woods
  132. the dark woods nikolas
  133. The Denticed
  134. the dirty girl
  135. the dragons eggs review
  136. the foolish king
  137. The girl who loved to swim by Raven woodruff
  138. the monster
  139. The mysterious chief part 1 by olivia
  140. the new girl
  141. the next amiracan idol mackenzie and sam
  142. The old trunk
  143. The Scrared Man John
  144. the titanic mackenzie
  145. The two mean friends and the nice girl
  146. Try, Try and Try again Alex
  147. vivek the realm of chaos
  148. Vivek and Alex Vegetarian shark
  149. worlds most endangered duck madagascar pochard
  150. Writing
  151. writing olivia
  152. yor amazing brain
  153. your amazing brain
  154. Zakary Gaelle get you solar filters ready a pectacular ring of fire solar eclips heading your way this friday
  155. Zakary the amazing brain
  156. zakary the scary night

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