Our Classroom Wish List
Below is a list of things we would like for our classroom.
Please consider donating the listed items at any time during the school year. They're great to send instead of a birthday treat.

You may also donate bottles of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. We are in NEED of those. THANK YOU :)

1.Age appropriate board games.
4 Way Count Down
Countdown and Spellup
Snap-it-Up (+/-)and/or (x)
Mancala (2 or 3 games)
Jenga or Jumbling towers
Master Mind
Connect 4
Guess Who
Traffic Jam
(1 or 2 player) Head full of numbers.
"Think Fun" activities (usally found at Barnes and Noble)

2. Age appropriate novels. (any novels geared for 2nd to 5th graders)