The Magic Bead
One peacful day there was a poor girl and her poor mother. They lived in a dump and they wore trash. "Mom when can we go on the sidewalk and ask people for money?" asked Anita. "I do not know." answered her mom. "Atleast I have my pretty bead." whisperd Anita. But her mom herd her. "What bead?" asked her mom. "This bead."Anita told her mom. Anita showed her mom the bead. Her mom looked at the bead then she looked a little closer then she yelled out "It's the bead of wisdom!" "The what!" asked Anita. "The bead of wisdom was part of your great grandfather's palace if he lost it his family would be living in dumpsters."her mom told her." But we found it and I've had it for years how come we are still living in dumpsters."asked Anita.  "I do not know" answered her mom. That night Anita's mom dreamed of a land of gems and Anita dreamed of a purse with1000000000000 dollars inside of it. The next morning Anita found her mom looking out the window so she looked too. Then she gasped "look at all those gems!" "Did you put them them there" asked Anita. "No" replied her mom." But I dreamed of it."her mom told her. "So that's how it works." whisperd Anita. " I was