One sunny,warm day I gotup from my fluffy,silky,comfy bed for breakfast.I had jusie bagon and mashed,soft eggs with a side of cold orange
juise.Then I took a warm shower when I got out of the shower I peasefuly walked outside to have soft taste of freash air.Ding-dong my best frined Tatum came over (hi Asha can I come in) Tatum asked (of corse) I told Tatum (Great!) Tatum exlamed Tatum peasefuly came in my warm,realaxing home (wonderful home) Tatum told me (Thanks) I told Tatum.I made fuge cookcies with pink spinkels.Then it was time for Tatum to go home (bye Asha) Tatum told me.It was time to go to my warm,fluffy,silky bed (good night) I said.